Real Life and Relationships Don’t Mix – Now Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my book Real Life and Relationships Don’t Mix.

Over time, many of us can become completely lost in our relationships. Gradually, we lose ourselves and our independence. As a result, we feel insecure, dependent, and frustrated and start to build resentment against our partners because we need them. I understand this story because it’s my story too. I spent 13 years doing that until I got the help I needed and rediscovered my confidence and security. Today, I am empowered in all my relationships.

Learn how you can build confidence and independence and heal your own traumas to be better at romantic relationships. Pick up a copy of Real Life and Relationships Don’t Mix to become the best version of you!

Available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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What Readers Are Saying

In her compelling memoir, Dawna M. Roberts offers readers a treasure trove of wisdom on nurturing and salvaging relationships. What sets this book apart is its raw honesty and vulnerability, as Roberts doesn’t shy away from exposing the intricate and often challenging dynamics of her partnership.

What resonated most with me was the emphasis on personal responsibility in achieving relationship fulfillment. Roberts’ approach, advocating for self-accountability and independence, is a refreshing departure from the blame game that often plagues unhappy relationship discourse.

The memoir is a masterclass in how embracing vulnerability, maintaining one’s identity, and taking proactive steps can transform love and life. This book is a must-read for those who are seeking to understand the complexities of relationships and aspire to cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling partnership.” – JF

ARC Review OMG!!! Wow. For a non-fiction, semi self-help with guidance from the author, this book was very enlightening. I enjoyed the rawness of this book from the mouth of the author and her real life relationship. The struggles and the journey she paints for us, allowed me to feel part of her life. A lot of the information I gathered is helpful and will become even more helpful whenever I decide to break my 6 year singlehood and get into a relationship. I’m excited for this journey. Thank you. Check it out for some tips on how to have a healthier relationship.” – RoRo Gaines

“I was really shocked by how much I enjoyed this book. I was very skeptical due to my own experiences but I definitely wanted to help this author get the book out there for others to read. I learned a lot by this book. I learned about myself and previous relationships that I have endured.” – Katie Peck

“Dawna’s memoir of her relationship with Glenn has been laid out with a deep honesty and vulnerability.  It’s a wonderful illustration that even relationships that do not fit social norms or traditional roles can work quite well. Finding what works for both people in the relationship is what is most important. Any relationship based on mutual love and respect can work if both partners are in agreement as the “terms” of the relationship. Dawna, thank you for your open and honest sharing of your relationship with Glenn. Your memoir is a beautiful reminder that relationships with unconventional living arrangements that work for both partners can lead to a life of love and happiness.” – Lori Burke

“This is an interesting read. I think what I learned from this book is that every relationship is different because of the people and the circumstances. So there isn’t a one size fits all kind of a solution but there are some basic and foundational traits and characteristics that could help identify issues and improve on them. Everyone should take a step back and focus on the root cause of the problem and I think this book and the author does a good job of laying out the pathway on how it could be done.” – Neha

“In Real Life and Relationships Don’t Mix, Dawna Roberts offers an intimate glimpse into the ebbs and flows of her romantic life, centering on the transformative journey with her partner, Glenn. This memoir stands out not just for its candid recounting of a love lost and rekindled but for its innovative take on maintaining individuality within a partnership. Roberts and Glenn’s decision to inhabit adjacent condos as a means to foster personal growth and subsequently enrich their relationship is a testament to the idea that true intimacy requires space. The memoir is enriched with journaling exercises aimed at self-care and self-love, foundational elements that Roberts argues are crucial for nurturing healthy relationships. What resonated most with me was the concept of “sleep divorce” and its undeserved negative connotation in society. Roberts challenges this stigma, advocating for the importance of personal well-being as the cornerstone of a strong partnership. Her honest portrayal of the challenges and triumphs faced with Glenn provides a compelling narrative that not only entertains but educates on the power of love, autonomy, and the unconventional paths to happiness within relationships.” – Drusilla Carlisle, Author of Possession and Mermaid Blues

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